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Connecting Dreams to the Sky.


Years of


Elevate Your Aviation Experience with Us.

Choose KAPL for a soaring experience, where dedication to safety, excellence, and unmatched service meet in the sky.


Services We Offer.

Your Private Airway

Air charter services offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience, tailoring travel to your specific needs. Whether for business or leisure, charters provide a premium, hassle-free flying experience.

Medical Relief

Air ambulance services are a lifeline during critical medical emergencies, offering swift and specialized care in the skies. With trained medical teams and advanced equipment, they provide rapid response and vital transportation for patients in need.

of Expertise

Pilot training is the gateway to aviation dreams, where aspiring pilots develop the skills and knowledge to take flight. It's a rigorous, yet rewarding journey that instills the art and science of aviation, shaping the captains of the sky.

Building Sky Connections

Aviation construction, including helipad construction, ensures safe and efficient takeoffs and landings. Precision in design and engineering is paramount to create essential infrastructure for air travel, contributing to safety and accessibility in the aviation industry.

Seamless Waterborne Air Travel

Sea plane operations bring the skies and the seas together, offering unique travel experiences. By taking off and landing on water, they open up a world of scenic destinations and transport options, combining adventure and convenience.

Preparing Excellence in the Skies

Cabin crew training hones the skills and professionalism of aviation's frontline ambassadors. It equips them with the knowledge and expertise to ensure safety, comfort, and exceptional service to passengers on every flight.

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